Fine Artist, Julie Dyer Holmes

The discipline of creation, be it to paint, compose, write, is an effort towards wholeness.
Madeleine L’Engle


Self Portrait by Julie Holmes Fine artistJulie Dyer Holmes is training at Studio Incamminati, a rigorous, atelier-style art school based in Philadelphia, PA. Her goal is develop, hone and refine her drawing and painting skills. Ultimately, she wants to create beautiful paintings of every day items and the human figure.

She is inspired by nature, birds, the garden, and organic shapes you might see in your own home, such as that crispy red apple in your fridge or that fig that’s ripening on the fig tree of your neighbor’s house. Is there any need to paint what has been painted before throughout history? Of course!  There is a uniqueness to Julie’s approach to painting and, in combination with her joyful attitude and spirit, she hopes you find her work delightful and a welcome respite from this sometimes dreary and always challenging world in which we live.

Her inspiration comes from her friends and family as well as the inspiring and demanding instructors and teaching fellows at Studio Incamminati. Julie hopes you see the timelessness and beauty in each piece of her artwork.

She blogs about her experience here. And, you can see various links below for information, both written and visual, about her progress.

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Life beyond the computer

“I believe we are all connected and that people (like you) deserve beautiful, realistic drawings and paintings in your home and office.”

When I’m away from the easel, I love heading out for a walk with my husband and dog.

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