Two Paintings in Show

My First Gallery Show

I am so excited to have two paintings in Studio Incamminati’s show at Freeman’s in Philadelphia. The show opens on Tuesday night July 12, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:30pm. with over 100 paintings on display. Accolades for this show are in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. If you will be in or near Philadelphia, do stop by! Freeman’s is located at 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA 19103.

Donated Painting

The first painting is an 8 x 10 panel and the proceeds for this painting go to the school’s scholarship fund. You can see it on my Instagram account here.

Red Chair 16 x 20 oil painting by Fine Artist Julie Holmes This painting is on display at Freeman's in Philadelphia PA July 2016Red Chair Painting

I also will have this 16 x 20 painting (shown here) entitled “Red Chair” in the show for sale. Of course, the painting’s title is meant to be a bit mischievous. Why? Your eye does not focus on the red chair as much as the woman. She seems lost in thought. In fact, she is so lost in thought, she has taken a seat in this chair, unclothed, and is contemplating her options. What is she considering? Given the gesture of this pose, with her head resting in her hand, I imagine she is dreaming of possibilities and thinking of what might be. Even though her gaze is downward, her shoulders are resting against the back of the chair. She is not slumped forward in despair. As I painted her, I felt she had a sense of optimism and delight in her thoughts. But ultimately, I’ll leave the interpretation up to you, the viewer.

This painting is from my Level 2 Monday color study class where we were analyzing color relationships and the human figure. I absolutely love painting the nude human figure! I look forward to continuing these studies next year in Level 3 and communicating how colors and their relationships depict light falling on form.

Interested in buying this painting? Please call Freeman’s at (215) 563-9275 and thank you.

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